Blog #49 – It’s 2019. Why is this still happening?

Racism is unacceptable. End of story. But it isn’t the end of the story because racial abuse is still occurring in our beloved ‘world game.’ And it’s 2019…

There is a reason why we refer to football as the ‘World Game’. People from all around the world participate. All races, cultures, religions and genders belong because football is a sport without barriers. Yet some fans seem to believe it is acceptable to insult somebody based solely on the colour of their skin!

Last time I checked, and forgive me if I am incorrect, but are we not all part of the human race?

We are supposedly the most intelligent species on this planet, yet there are still individuals who believe they have the right to belittle someone based on colour!

It is becoming worryingly more common of recent times and new incidents arise on almost a weekly basis. Those who follow football closely know all too well this has been a consistent problem with the most followed sport in the world.

Some of the most recent examples of this deplorable behaviour are:

Danny Rose

While playing for the England national team this year, Danny Rose experienced racial abuse from the Montenagran fans who were directing monkey chants towards the full back during the match.

Not being the only incident, Rose has been subject to this abuse in the past. While representing England’s U21’s squad in a match against Serbia in 2012, similar chanting was directed towards the Englishman.

Rose has unfortunately reached his limit with what he can tolerate and is very much looking to leave the sport behind when he retires. In a recent interview he stated,

“I’ve had enough, at the minute, how I programme myself is that I just think: I’ve got five or six more years left in football and I just can’t wait to see the back of it.”

And I do not blame him one bit.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has deplorably suffered the same type of abuse. Not only was he exposed to racist behaviour in the exact same game as Danny Rose when England played Montenegro, but also December 2018. When Manchester City played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, a group of fans were evidently seen hurling racial abuse at Sterling when he went to collect the ball from the sideline.

Since the incident, the four fans have been barred from all Chelsea games, so again I do not understand why this is happening. Is a ban from the sport you love not education enough that such behaviour is completely unacceptable?

There have been many incidents directed at Sterling who should not have to suffer from this abuse. After the disgraceful display at Chelsea, Nike launched a campaign with the Manchester City winger to help bring attention to these outrageous acts.

Moise Kean

The young Juventus forward was subject to racial abuse during a recent match where he scored against the opposing team, Cagliari. Kean celebrated the goal with his arms outstretched towards the Cagliari supporters and has come under fire for his celebration.

The Italian media and even one of his teammates stated that this is what happens with you provoke the fans.

I have never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. There are no justifications for this behaviour and i can assure you, he was not provoking this reactions from the Cagliari fans.

Is everyone not as infuriated as I am? How is more not being done to eradicate this from football!

There are an atrocious amount of these incidents occurring in football. Even one is too many and it makes me ashamed to be a fan of the sport.

How these people have the nerve to behave like this is beyond me and harsher penalties need to be enforced so that the perpetrators understand these acts are not tolerated in our society.  

Fifa have regulations in place which need to be enforced by the football governing bodies around the world. These are,

– For a first or a minor offence, the sanctions of a warning, a fine and/or the playing of a match behind closed doors shall be applied.

– For re-offenders or for serious incidents, sanctions such as point deductions, expulsion from a competition or relegation should be applied.

– Furthermore, any person (player, official, match official, etc.) who commits such an offence shall be suspended for at least five matches combined with a stadium ban as foreseen in the FDC.

(The above information is from FIFAs Resolution on the fight against racism and discrimination)

But I would argue that more needs to be done on a first offence, rather than waiting for a repeat offence to occur.

It seems certain fans will not stop until they’re aware that this is having a negative impact on their team, and that it is 2019, we don’t treat people this way.

I will never understand what it is like to experience racist abuse. But what I can do is support those that have and condemn those who are committing these vial acts.

I can not say this enough; it’s 2019 people. Stop thinking that this is ok, because it is fucking not.

If I am becoming emotional about this topic, imagine how those who have suffered the abuse are feeling.

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