Blog#51 – Let’s talk about the positive!

There is an overabundance of negative headlines surrounding football in the media and it can be hard to sometimes see the positives when they occur.

Thankfully we are graced with generous footballers who understand that they are gifted with the ability to make a difference by not only inspiring others through their art form, but by helping those who are less fortunate.

It’s amazing how constant negativity that is usually generated by the media, can affect your perception of football, and the world. It’s my understanding that when you begin to focus on the negative, you start to see it everywhere, it’s called the ‘reticular activating system ‘, our minds are designed to pay attention to the things that we notice.

To change what I have been focusing on, let’s take a quick look at some of the positives in football, and how our heroes, help those in need.

The Charities

Some of the highest paid players in football history understand that they have the power to make change, and because of this, many have founded their own charities, below is small list of just a few,

An there are many more. The vast array of charitable foundations that have been founded by footballers is amazing. Supporting all types of causes, from building libraries and hospitals, providing emergency aid, and funding healthcare and education in developing nations.

The support they provide through their generosity is nothing short of amazing. The countless lives they have saved just by sharing their wealth means that these players will be remembered forever, not only their football skills, but also their dedication to a cause.

It is easy to forget the good that our beloved football heroes do for our society when there is so much to be pessimistic about in our day to day lives. Sometimes we just need a small reminder of what is being done off the football pitch.

Jermain Defoe & Bradley Lowery

It’s almost been two years since the passing of young Bradley Lowery. The young sunderland supporter passed away at the age of six after suffering from terminal cancer. Thankfully his final days were made a whole lot better by a certain individual, Jermain Defoe.

The ex Sunderland striker became best friends with Bradley. He would visit him at the hospital regularly, text his mother and check up on him when he wasn’t able to visit and ensure that he would take him out onto Sunderlands football  pitch with the team prior to the start of each game, as long as Bradley was well enough.

Defoe’s friendship with Bradley ensured that the young lad was able to live out his final days with tremendous joy in his heart. It’s acts of kindness like this that really need to be celebrated more often. Defoe will never be forgotten for the happiness he brought brad, and i’m sure that the Lowery family will hold a special place in their heart for him.

Aaron Mooy & Bella

Young Bella’s dream came true when Aaron Moor and Huddersfield Town invited her from America to the west yorkshire club to be a his special guest and watch him play against Leicester City in the English Premier League last weekend.

Bella took a liking to Mooy when she spotted him representing Australia in the Russian World cup last year while undergoing treatment for brain cancer. It was Mooy’s baldness that she related too as Bella was undergoing chemotherapy at the time and had incurred significant hair loss as a result.   

But when Aaron and Huddersfield got wind of the young fan in America through the power of social media, they quickly arranged for her and father to be flown to Yorkshire where she could spend the day amongst her hero and the great club that he plays for.

One would assume that she will never forget the kindness of the ‘bald’ Australian midfielder.

There are many generous footballers I haven’t mentioned, Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be one of the most charitable footballers on the planet and he should definitely be praised because of it.   

It’s very easy to overlook the positive when we are surrounded by a sea of negativity. I believe it is of vital importance that we celebrate the charity that our footballers provide the world.

I understand the significance of being humble, but that doesn’t mean we cant be grateful for the efforts of those who have the capacity to save people’s lives.

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