Blog#52 – Club or Country?

It is a rather difficult question to muster an answer for. I for one am struggling to decide between the success of my club or the success of my country. What would you prefer? The country you support win the FIFA World Cup? Or, the domestic league team you support win the FIFA Club World Cup?

You may ask, ‘why do I care about the FIFA Club World Cup?’ Well to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup, besides being the host nation, (ignoring that instance), your team must win their confederations Champions League competition, meaning they must of won or finished in a qualifying place in their respective domestic league. Ultimately defining that they were somewhat successful.

Initially, the thought of my beloved Socceroos winning the covenant FIFA World Cup, is something I can not comprehend. It would be an almighty triumph as it might entail them defeating the heavy weights of international football, which include countries like Germany, Brazil, England and Argentina. I can only dream of the day that I see the green gold lifting the world cup trophy, (with tears streaming down my face).

On the other hand, to know that my domestic league football team were successful enough to make it to the FIFA Club World Cup, let alone win the title, would be one of my ultimate fantasies.

But wait Ben, didn’t one of your teams already experience this type of success? You would be correct, the Western Sydney Wanderers who were A-League premiers in the 2012/13 season went on to win the 2013/14 AFC Champions league, thus qualifying for the FIFA Club World Cup, by some miracle.

And I was ecstatic for the Wanderers, but in my mind, it would never compare to if Sunderland AFC were able to achieve a similar feat. Let me explain why.

Since my introduction the football and Sunderland in 2011, the ‘Black Cats’ have been relegated twice, consecutively. Have never finished in the top 10 of the English Premier League and have lost two Cup finals. I have never been able experience any form of success with the first football team I ever followed.

My first love, has been bitter sweet.

If Sunderland were ever to compete in a UEFA Champions League final, I would be on the first flight to country where it was taking place. If they were to win the Premier League, I would be at the Stadium Of Light on the final day of the season to experience the joy of them lifting the trophy.

Understandably the odds of this are slim to none especially with Sunderland currently in League One. But it’s definitely an illusions I fantasize about regularly.

Do you now understand the confliction with my decision? Until I am presented with these corresponding situations, I would not know how I would feel until each occur. Although at the moment my heart is leaning towards Sunderland’s success.

Who would you ultimately like to see succeed? Would it be your Club or your Country? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Or you can take part in my Facebook poll!

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