Blog#20 – Emiliano Sala’s plane missing & Ronaldo is at it again…

It’s been a crazy 24 hours in the football world and sometimes it can be hard to focus on one story to write about. Two news articles really stood out for me today so I thought I would combine them into one and write about each of them.

Emiliano Sala’s plane goes missing

This is definitely the most shocking and terrifying news of them all. Emiliano Sala, a striker from French league side Nantes, had just been purchased by English Premier League side Cardiff City for a reported fee of £15 million. He had boarded a ‘Piper Malibu’ plane which was to fly him from Nantes to Cardiff City after he had returned home to say goodbye to friends and family before his move to Wales. 

But the flight disappeared off the radar near Alderney and has not been located since. Due to the location, the chances of survival have said to be slim if the plane had to make a crash landing into the water. Obviously we hope that emergency services locate them and find them alive, but unfortunately it is not looking good for Sala, the pilot and the other passenger said to be on board.

The choice of aircraft and travel time have been questioned. The ‘Piper Malibu’ is a small single engine passenger plane which was flying at night time during the European winter. The waters they were flying over are said to be Antarctic in temperature at this time of year. The plane reportedly struggled to take off and had to take numerous attempts. In addition, a leaked audio message from Sala’s Whats App show that he had left message to his friends stating it seemed like the plane was about to fall apart.

I am not one to throw around any accusations of complete and utter negligence at this stage, but if it cost people’s lives, someone has made a terrible decision to undertake the flight when it probably should have been called off.

To give a bit of background of Emiliano Sala, he was born in Cululu, Argentina and spent most of his youth career playing in Ain, in his home country, before being scouted by a representative from Bordeaux. He then moved to France were he has spent his entire senior footballing career. He is said to have a similar playing style to that of Jamie Vardy from Leicester City; enjoying playing in wide spaces and being part of a team that has strong counter attacking style.

The footballing world is hoping for the best but we have been told  to prepare for the worst. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time.

Ronaldo is at it again #facepalm

Let me start this off by showing one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram posts below.

Now the story behind this photo is that earlier today, or yesterday depending on your location, Cristiano Ronaldo attended court in Spain due to tax evasion charges. Between 2010 and 2014 when Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid, he was earning a large amount of revenue from his image rights, (that is Ronaldo selling Ronaldo, for those who do not understand). The revenue from these rights were said to be funnelled through low-tax companies in foreign nations.

When the allegations first came to light in 2017, Ronaldo’s lawyers said that there was a misunderstanding, (I call bullshit on that one), around what was, and what was not required under Spanish law and deliberately did not try and evade paying tax.

So you’re telling me that one of the richest athletes in the world, who probably has the best team of lawyers in the world, didn’t know that he had to pay the required amount of tax? And was unsure that the money he was earning through these deals couldn’t be moved through low-tax foreign companies? Get the fuck out of here.

What makes matter worse, is the Instagram post above. Now my interpretation of that post is, “Don’t worry guys I have money. I obviously will get a suspended gaol sentence and I will just pay the £16m fine because money solves all the world’s problems. And look I’m back on my private jet and all is well.”

I have talked about professionalism in football in a previous article, and I believe that this is one of those times where the most known footballer in the world should have probably released, at minimum, a statement on his social media. Renaldo needs to explain what he has done, why he should have realised what he was doing or that what he had been advised was wrong, and have some kind of accountability for his actions.

At the end of the day, is it really too much to ask that these professional footballers show some accountability for their actions? Ronaldo has 152 million followers on Instagram and I understand, (well, kind of understand) that some laws and regulations around taxation are a bit ridiculous. But my concern here is that he is teaching the young impressionable minds of the world, that all problems can be solved with money. Don’t worry about taking accountability for your action, because the size of your bank account dictates your status in life.

Once you instil that in the young fans that follow you, the ones that treat you as if you were a God, well, it’s a slippery slop from there my friends.

In addition, this Instagram photo was posted, (with a plane emoji) just after Emiliano Sala’s plane went missing. But it is all speculation that it was insensitive on behalf of Ronaldo. He may not have been aware of what had just occurred.

Let me know your thoughts.Should Ronaldo be held accountable for his actions? Or fuck it he has money, he can do what he likes?




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