Jubilation. Despair.

Its funny, this game what we call football, how it has the ability dictate our emotions.

One moment we’re cheering, laughing and screaming at the top of our lungs about how much we love our football club.

The next, we’re screaming profanities at everything around us, blaming the match officials for giving a questionable penalty and letting our teams performance completely ruin our day.

By now, for most of you who follow football, you will have either watched, listened or heard of the UEFA Champions League semi-final matches which transpired this week.

Tottenham Hotspur came from 3 – 0 down, away from home, to beat Ajax 3 – 3 on the away goal rule, and make it through to the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid.

Liverpool also turned over a 3 – 0 deficit at home to Barcelona to come away 4 – 3 winners. Also qualifying for the UEFA Champions League final.

For both Ajax and Barcelona fans, one can only assume that they believed that their team had already made it to the Champions League final, and that the second leg was merely a formality.

But that’s the funny thing about football, nothing is set in stone that pre-determines a result. Messi was not destined to claim his fifth Champions League Title, (Just yet). Ajax were not fated to end their European title draught, which is now in its 24th year.

Football, for all its apparent predictability, is still completely unpredictable.

If anyone had advised me to place a bet on Lucas Moura scoring a hat-trick in the semi-final against Ajax, I would of laughed uncontrollably in their face. But he did, in the 95th minute with what should of been the last kick of the game. And in the process he broke millions of Ajax hearts.

Team Messi equally struggled against an under strength Liverpool team, who seemingly used their unpredictability to their advantage. A stroke of brilliance sealed the match for Liverpool when Trent Alexander-Arnold instinctively played a quick corner to Divock Origi while Barcelona’s defence was seemingly asleep, which he executed to perfection.

When the full time whistle blew, the jubilation and despair were evident. And while fans being to express their emotion towards their teams, they must be reminded that this is football and that these moments are why it is the most followed sport in the world.

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