Blog#32 – Was Emiliano Sala not human?

You would easily be fooled into thinking the way the involved football clubs are treating the death of the late Emiliano Sala, they’re merely talking about a commodity, bought and sold to the highest bidder, instead of an actual human being. It’s absolutely frightening.

FC Nantes, the club which Sala belonged to before the tragic accident is currently demanding that his transfer fee of £15million  be paid. Cardiff City are reluctant to pay the fee due to the complexities surrounding this catastrophe. There are also reports that Nantes were demanding the first installment of the fee while Sala was missing… I have no words for these inhumane acts.

Cardiff City FC and FC Nantes are not treating Sala’s family with any respect, and the more the questions of owed money float around, the worse this gets. It’s like each club believe they’re dealing with the most advanced AI, the likes of which have never been seen before. But they are not. Players are humans who love to play football and entertain their fans. All they ask in return is to be paid for their work, love from their supporters, and a safe working environment.

But the executives of these clubs clearly don’t care.

I have spoken in a previous blog about the disappearance of Emiliano Sala. Unfortunately, his body was found recently at the bottom of the English channel where his plane had crashed. Rest in peace, Sala.

This tragedy has now become an absolute circus, being run by the head of these football clubs and it is absolutely appalling. I already knew they didn’t have hearts. I wanted to believe they did but it is now confirmed; they’re heartless.

Nantes and Cardiff City are unable to come to an agreement and it seems that this will inevitably end up the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This would be a deplorable result on behalf of both parties . A human has died under tragic circumstances. Is there not a humane way to come to a resolution that doesn’t involve treating Sala’s death like a cash payout?

There are many reports which state that Sala’s death could have been avoided but it’s too late now. There is nothing to change what has happened.

For what it is worth, my suggestion to all the involved parties would be to come to an agreement. Due to the complex and devastating  nature of what has happened they must agree to stop hurting the family and friends of Sala who have to deal with reading these media releases on a daily basis. All outstanding transfer fees were involved in the deal to sell Emiliano Sala to Cardiff City from FC Nantes should be forgotten about. A contract is just a god damn piece of paper. Do the humane thing and show Sala’s loved ones some fucking respect.

Does it not seem the logical step? I don’t feel that I am being naive about the situation as there are no rules around this situation. There is only the right thing and the wrong thing to do. The clubs involved are currently heading down the path of the wrong thing to do. They’re demanding their compensation. But nobody owned Sala.

Is this seriously what the world has come to? Sala’s life now has a price tag. I thought human life was priceless. But I must be mistaken.

Regardless that football is a business, regardless that someone is going to make a loss from the tragedy, can the relevant parties not stop to think that somebody has lost a brother? A partner? A son? Is anyone else besides myself pissed off that this is what our football world has come to?

It would be inhumane of me to discuss the additional contractual obligations around the sale of Sala. It would be disrespectful to his friends and family. Even I can understand that, yet the football world can not.

The death of someone should not create anger and angst about money. It should instead be about celebrating the life of a young footballer who was taking from this world all too soon. It should be providing assistance to his family during this difficult period, and ensure that something like this can be prevented from happening again in the future.


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