Blog#4 – Who am I?

Who am I?

That’s a good question (wait who is asking me? oh right I’m asking myself), If you have not figured it out yet, I am a fan of the world game, football.

That moment you pick the team that you’re going to support for the rest of your life (there is no swapsies here), the addiction takes over, the long nights ripping your pillow apart in frustration as your team is deep in relegation trouble, or your team is trailing 8-0 at home to a mid table team, you take a long hard look at your life and wonder why, why you put up with this shit.

Oh wait, you jumped on that ‘big 6’ bandwagon? well, one day you might be able to relate. Let me start by saying my football journey began a lot later in life then most I would say, which is surprising for me considering around 90% of my friends have been playing football since they could walk.

Let me give you some back story, the Year was 2012, my friends had just asked if I wanted to join their local amateur league football side as they were short on numbers. The season had begun and then my friends advised me that I have to support an English Premier league club.

After many discussions about who I should support and being advised that I can not support a club that one of my friends currently supports, I chose Sunderland, yup that’s right, the red white army from the North, and at the time they were doing well, perched in mid table playing some good football under Martin O’Neill with Lord Bendter leading the line.

The very first game I had the pleasure of watching was the Tyne-Wear derby (I had no idea of the significance at the time). It was amazing how quickly the drug that is football took over me, it kept me up at night and as soon as  the round had finished it left me counting down the seconds until the next round began. I found myself watching any football game I could, slowly but surely my weekends were spent watching every football game possible.

But, to continue, I am not only a Sunderland supporter, I am also a Western Sydney Wanderers supporter who play in our local domestic league in Australia (since their inception I might add). Additionally, due to most of my family being of Dutch Heritage, I am also a supported of Feyenoord-Rotterdam, which are situated close to the town my Mother was born in.

So, Ben, Why the blog?

I have found myself wanting to be involved with football as much as I can, I espcially love getting into discussions around football, talking about the politics, finance’s, players, managers, the games, transfers, everything that can be spoken about football!

This brings me to today, this blog is my way of trying to communicate my thoughts around football to world, I really hope that I can start to have some intersting discussions around current football related issue’s with all football and non-football fans(we have to educate everyone!). Unfortunately comments at the moment are switched off on my blog as I am just looking to find my feet and create a regular schedule, but in the future, be prepared for alot more content!