Blog#1 – Why is there an international break!?

There are some questions that just can’t be answered; and this wacky world that FIFA has created really throws football fans around every year.

I, for one, hate the international break (although my partner might enjoy the fact that I come to bed at a normal hour). I understand that this year it has been only one weekend each month from September, and we have just finished the last international break until march (thank fuck). But I really, really hate the interruption to my regular viewing (#firstworldproblems).

The continental competitions also throw clubs a bit of a curve ball at the turn of the year. As the Asian cup runs from Jan 5th to Feb 1st and used to be somewhat aligned to the African cup of nations, but AFCON has now been moved to June/July 2019. It makes you think: why aren’t all international games scheduled for the European off season? The world cup historically has, (thanks Qatar you bribing fucks) and the Euro’s.

FIFA’s genius plan to reduce the boredom of watching another international friendly (where your domestic teams star player does his ACL) was to create an international league (In $urope only though). This has left most of us scratching our heads trying to understand how it worked! After a bit of reading, I have come to the realization that it was designed so that we could see the top European nations play off for a trophy and automatically put the less developed, lower ranked nations as far away from a trophy as possible. Because how dare they have a chance to play a well developed football nation for the chance of silverware (I’m aware that San Marino isn’t going to be winning anything anytime soon).

But I digress, the only way forward is to play all international football during the European summer break (sorry America’s, it just makes sense). Domestic football leagues in other countries around the world try to align themselves with the European domestic football season as best as they can. It will make me happy (my partner may not be), but mainly it will make football fans happy (yeah, remember those people?). Somewhere along the line the want of more money blurred FIFA’s vision. Have they forgotten that without us, football is just 22 guys chasing a round ball on a field.